Mission Statement

Orion bases itself off of a common core set of principals: Integrity, Passion, Determination, & Change.


Integrity must run through your veins if you want to be able to have a future with Orion. We pride ourselves on being honest and fair. Our community must be able to exude it through their pours. We are here to ensure a better community for tomorrow.


Passion means something different to everyone, but what we are looking for is a deep devotion to gaming, content creation, and self improvement/growth. We were built on the life long passion of gaming and wanted to be able to share it with the world.


Determination will be needed to rise through the ranks of the Orion community. We make sure we only reward the worthy and people who support their fellow creators. When we started our community we wanted it to be a place for others to come and share their determination with other link minded people.


Change is something we are looking to continuously do against all odd and adversity. We are here to be spread positivity, love, and acceptance to the world. One person, stream, and event at a time we will make this world a better place

Orion Management




A life-long gamer with the passion to and want to help others taking gaming from a passion to a career. Esports isn't the easiest career to get into and being able to assist more people to make it in the industry is a pure bliss


Flipside Flow

Chief Creative Officer

Some of my favorite games to stream including but are not limited to Rocket League, Skyrim, MTG Arena, and Hunt: Showdown. The reason I enjoy streaming is because it gives me a chance to meet new friends and act a little quirtky.



Chief Operation Officer

Gaming was a very small part of my life until recently when I found myself working with Orion. Started out slowly learning the ins and outs and now help running a global organization with a tremendous amount of amazing people



Player Development Director

The amount of passion & drive that gaming fuels our next generation with has been my favorite experience working with our players.

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Recruiting Coordinator



Chief Recruiting Officer




Social Media

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IT Tech



self taught designer on the grind!

Discord Mods



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Blue Rune