Welcome to ORION

  1. Orion was Founded in 2018 with the vision of helping players and content creators alike reach their dream. A few years into development and we are growing astronomically due to our impact and global popularity
  2. Orion is the home to competitive teams across the globe, but we also are a HUB for content creators too. The sky is the limits as to who can join the organization. New opportunities are waiting around every corner!
  3. Orion looks to crush industry barriers with ever evolving approaches to new issues that may stand in the way of success. No matter the obstacle we as a community will overcome it

Orion is powered by

Humble Bundle

Half of the proceeds go towards charity Child's Play

Glytch Energy

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Orion Merch

What The
Community Says

“Simple, soft, and a good fit. It’s a comfortable shirt to game in or go out with friends.”



“I love the look and feel of the Orion merch. Top quality stuff!.”



“This jersey is like an XP boost to my game play. Best jersey that has my back in heated situations because it keeps me COOL!”



“Orion prides itself on quality products, as well as quality content. We have the merchandise to match the talent in the organization. Aporia makes a great product and we are very proud to support them!”




Stream Team Live

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PUBG Pro Player

Player Spotlight1

Skazka has been on many iterations of the Orion PUBG roster. He has had a long PUBG career and made it to Pro League when he was playing with Pros Don’t Snake. The professionalism he brings to the team is second to none. When we are looking for a solid person to rely on he is always there.


Thank you for being apart of the community!


Stream Team

Currn 1

A double celebration for this content creator! He has been promoted to the Main Stream Team, as well as being selected for the Featured Streamer this Month The devotion to the Orion Organization and Community is second to none! We are very pleased to have him on our team and being able to support his community.


Thank you very much and keep up the great work!



Have you ever thought of a career/job in Esports?

Interested in joining Orion as a player or staff member? Think you would be the prefect fit for our brand? Think you can bring something special or different to Orion?

Please use the applications below

Staff Application
Content Creator Application
Player Application

Best way to get in contact with a member of Orion?

Most of our staff and players are in the official Orion Discord, feel free to join and DM upper management with any questions or concerns.


If you have any ideas that you think would make Orion a better community/brand please pass them along, we would love to discuss.


If you do not have discord please email us at info@oriongg.com

What charities is Orion involved with?

Orion is involved with various charities but our main focus is Child’s Play through our partnership with Humble Bundle and Cohen Children’s Medical Center through our 24hour streams featuring Extra Life.

Problems or Questions about Orion Merch?

If you have any problems, concerns or questions regarding Orion merchandise please forward all inquires to Aporia Customs or email them at info@aporiacustoms.com

Please include your order number or tracking number if possible.